submission guidelines

So, you have a story, picture, or video to share about some form of street harrassment, or other sexual harrassment you experienced? Well, we have a few you need to follow:

1. Please, don't include the race of your attacker. Unless it is important to the dynamics of the story, and it is clearly important to the dynamics, then please omit it. Stories with accidental mention of race will be altered to omit the race.

2. Unless the police were involved, and a report filed, only include your attacker's first name (if known). We are not trying to accuse people, and don't want people to turn around and try to press any sort of issues against us.

3. We accept submissions from all ofer the US, not just from San Jose, California. We are trying to focus primarily on the San Francisco South Bay (San Jose, Morgan Hill, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Gilroy, Salinas, Santa Cruz, etc).

4. Yes, you can report on harrassment you saw to other people. However, do not report on harassment hearsay. Unless you physically saw it, please do not report on it.

5. Please try to keep your language PG-13. This is not an age restricted site, so please, keep your language all ages appropriate. Unless the language is a key part to your story, please watch your words.

6. Please try to keep videos and pictures PG-13. Nudity is not acceptable. However, if you catch someone in the process of performing an obscene act, feel free to submit the photo. We here at HollaBack will take appropraite action to make it befitting the site without ruining the meaning of the photo.

7. Yes, we will accept stories from people of all genders and walks of life.

8. We cannot guarantee every item sent to us will be posted on the blog. We will attempt to post every item. However, if we feel your item is not appropriate, we will send you a response explaining why.

9. Enjoy yourself! This is your time to strike back at those who have belittled and put you down for so long. Now, it's their turn!