Teaching More Than Driving...

If you know anyone who is seeking driver's training, advise them to not take it at Saturn Lily Driving School in Hayward, CA.

I am 16 years old and I took it there about a month and a half ago. I could not learn anything because I was in fear of the man who was my driving instructor. His name is Jose, also known as "Pepe."

On the very first day of my driver's training, he asked me to unzip my jacket because he said he wanted to "read my shirt." At the time, I didn't think he had any ulterior motives, so I unzipped it and he then said, "Nice."

At the next session, was teaching me how to back up out of a parking space when he told me to stop. He told me I had "beautiful hands" and he began touching my hand and stroking my arm. He even made me hold his hand. He did that on several occasions throught that session, and even the next one was well. I was scared and I coudn't concentrate because his presence made me feel very uncomfortable.

I told my parents about this, and I think they are going to file a complaint against him. So please, don't be like me and have $250 spent only to be touched by some poor, perverted driving instructor.

Unknown, Hayward, CA

Posted on HollaBack- California