Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I'm guessing if you found your way here already, someone gave you a heads up and directed you here. I would like to be the first to welcome you to your new place to call home!

I stumbled upon this idea on accident, I think I saw an article online about HollaBackNYC and somehow ended up over on HollaBack- SF. While there I noticed there wasn't much love on there for the South Bay. All the stories were from SF and Oakland, few from anything further South!

Personally, I am a regular to the downtown San Jose scene. As the weather seems to get warmer, so it seems people's words do. I can't count the number of women I see being harassed, and sometimes even assualted for not responding to the catcalls. It's not fair! I have even been a target, along with many of my friends. It makes a person nervous to wonder around downtown.

I know we've all seen it. The men crusing downtown with a car full of their buddies. Maybe they're in little beaters, maybe they're in a nice low-rider, sometimes their even just walking past. They see a woman in a tube top, a short skirt, or sometimes even in pants and a hoodie, and they start cat calling. "Hey momma...." "Lookin good shorty..." "Look at the ass on that....." And so on and so on! Ugh!

Well, here's our chance to HOLLA BACK! Let's reclaim our ability to walk down the street and let them know we aren't gonna take it anymore! Just because you can't slap 'em, don't mean you can't snap 'em. We all have our cell phones on us, snap a quick picture, catch a name if you can, and send it on it with your story. If you've got video capabilities, catch those guys in action and send it on in. We aren't going to stand for this ANYMORE!

Right now we have begun a plan of action. We're going to get business cards and pass them around to the ladies downtown. We're going to try and open a store where people can buy shirts, hats, and more in support of this site so we can get the word out. We're going to design all sorts of fun things to help spread the word that we're not going to take. Care to help?

Do you know HTML?
Can you design images?
Do you know a cheap place for business cards?
Have a company that would like to lend their support?
Or just want to spread the word?

Drop us an e-mail if you have something you think could help! Your support and approval is always help enough though!

Thanks for dropping in,